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EDUCATIONAL: In what language are the workshops going to be held?

Every part of the event, including the workshops, will be held in English, regardless of their themes and participants.

EDUCATIONAL: How many workshops can I attend?

Only one. In the registration process, you choose two of the themes as your preferences and you have to send us your CV and motivation letter according to those two fields; which one of them will be chosen for you by the organizing committee and during the whole event you will participate in all of the programs related to that field, including the workshops.

EDUCATIONAL: Is attending the student pre-event obligatory for me in order to attend the main event?

Of course not! But we strongly suggest that you attend the student pre-event because of the following reasons:

1- It’s an international student gathering; so it’s a unique opportunity for networking and learning from each other.

2- The workshops are specifically designed to prepare the students for the main event; so that they can benefit the most from the main events sessions and panels.

3- Experienced mentors and coaches guide the students who attend the pre-event during the main event; so that they can attend the proper sessions and workshops.

4- On April 30th -the second day of the main event- students are given the opportunity to have breakfast with global health experts and communicate with them in a friendly atmosphere. Students who have attended the pre-event, have priority for presence over other students.

5- There is an activity fair in the student pre-event, where you have the opportunity to exhibit your project, find new ideas, and meet people with common interests.

EDUCATIONAL: How am I going to be supported by the student committee?

You are going to have a contact person, who is the facilitator of the workshop you attend, and your coach in plenaries you take part in. You can ask your questions and concerns and this person will help you. Facilitators can help students make contact with professors and people in charge, make connections with one another and extend their network if they wish to pursue their research or education further.

EDUCATIONAL: What projects can be presented in the activity fair?

Participants can present their achievements in the following fields:

  • Education
  • Capacity building
  • Advocacy and policy making
  • Campaigning
  • Startups
  • Starting an organization
  • Inventions
  • Research
  • Arts
  • Operative work
  • Fundraising
  • Publication

Note that all achievements are supposed to be relevant to the six main themes of the event.

EDUCATIONAL: Why should I present my work in the activity fair?

You will have the chance of presenting your projects, finding new ideas, meeting people with common concerns and interests, and sharing your experiences. Also you are going to have a competition in a friendly atmosphere.

TRAVEL: Do I need a visa to travel to Iran?

There is no visa required to enter and stay in Kish Island for a period of two weeks. But if you want to stay longer than this you will need to apply for a visa.

TRAVEL: Am I provided with accommodation during my stay in Kish Island?

Participants are responsible for arranging accommodation and its fees. However, some facilities are provided by the organizing committee.

TRAVEL: Does my country have a direct flight to Kish Island?

At present, international flights to Kish are operated by “Kish Airlines”, which operates two international flights to Kish per day, both of which fly from Dubai. You can check flights from your country to Dubai.

TRAVEL: How can I book a ticket from Dubai to Kish Island?

You can book your trip to Kish via Kish Airlines website: en.kishairlines.ir

TRAVEL: Is Iran a safe country to travel to?

As stated in The Independent’s article regarding the 2019 Travel Risk Map, Iran is deemed low risk when it comes to security; which is the same level as the majority of the European countries. Besides, TUMS hosts over 700 international students from 45 countries, some of whom study in the Kish campus. So we can assure you that Iran is one of the safest countries to travel.

NETWORK: How can I contribute to the student pre-event/the M8-Alliance student network?

First of all you can contribute to the network and the event by participating in it! We will be glad to see you in the first student pre-event of WHS regional meeting, which you can register for HERE.

Second, you can join us in WHS 7th regional meeting as a FACILITATOR.

We are also open to new ideas and collaborations. If you have anything else in your mind, don’t hesitate to contact us HERE. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

NETWORK: Can I be present in the M8-Alliance Student Network Closed Meeting?

The meeting is by-invitation-only but we sure welcome all insights or ideas that other students may have and can help us for writing the Constitution and Bylaws. Please feel free to share with us what you think we might include in the constitution by sending an email to support@whsstutums.com.

The outcomes of the closed meeting will be shared with all attended students shortly after the meeting.

NETWORK: Why do we need the M8-Alliance student network?

Working together with political and economic decision-makers, The M8-Alliance’s primary goal is to develop science-based solutions to health challenges all over the world. It aims to establish a high-level network among different health stakeholders to address the major challenges of healthcare. And there is no doubt that health-science students are one of these stakeholders.

If health-science students receive decent education about global health, they can play an important role in addressing the rising challenges of healthcare. This is not only due to their role as tomorrow’s healthcare providers, but also because of the research, scholarship, and advocacy potentials today’s student bodies possess.

We believe that by establishing an official student organization within the M8 Alliance, we can form a network among students from different parts of the world and promote their voice and advocacy capacity in high-level healthcare policy-making bodies. We can also facilitate the development of multicenter global health research projects and joint activities and promote internationalization and student mobility. Long story short, we can empower students as the future leaders in global health.

REGISTRATION: Who can attend the student pre-event?

We are honored to have you in this event if you are:

  • A current higher education student in any field,
  • Or a postgraduate, only if it has passed a maximum of two years from your graduation.
REGISTRATION: Based on what criteria are volunteers selected to participate in the students pre-event?

Applicants are selected based on their CV, motivation letter, and the project they submit. For more details visit the registration manual (guide for participants and guide for facilitators).

REGISTRATION: How can I apply for the event?

To start your registration process, visit HERE.

Please note that registration is only available through our website.

WHS Student Pre-Event

The Student Pre-Event of 7th WHS Regional Meeting is the first student-oriented event in the history of WHS regional meetings. This pre-event aims to establish the primitive network between students both among member universities and other students in the field of public-health-related sciences.


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