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As stated priorly, for the first time in the history of WHS, the upcoming regional meeting will be preceded by a student pre-event. This pre-event is a full-day program which is going to be held on April 28th aiming for the following outcomes:

  • To train attending students in introductory workshops designed aligned with the scientific themes of the pre-event; so that every student who wants to follow a specific theme in the main event, finds the opportunity to receive some initial training about that theme during the pre-event. In addition, a coaching program has been planned for scientific support of students and each student will have access to a trained coach during the whole event.
  • To give students an opportunity to present their achievements to all attendees of the regional meeting. An activity fair is planned for the student pre-event and top activities will receive the opportunity to present their achievements during the main event as well.
  • To develop the idea of the “M8 Alliance Student Network” and work together for writing the primary draft of its constitution.

Scientific Themes

Health in Uncertain Situations

This part is basically about disaster health and its components. The following list of components are selected to be focused upon:

  • How conflicts, wars, and natural disasters affect health systems
  • How health care systems should react under these circumstances
  • Special needs and concerns of vulnerable populations in uncertain situations
  • Health challenges regarding displaced populations, refugees, and immigrants

Global Health in Transitional World

In this part, big challenges about sustainable development in the 21st century will be addressed. These include:

  • Access to health system and new health technologies
  • Population involvement in health-related decision making
  • Retaining human resources
  • Road accidents and traffic injuries
  • Traditional medicine in the new world
  • Occasional mass gathering and its impact on health

Sustainable Health Development

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to transform our world, and each goal has specific targets to be achieved by 2030. Among the SDGs, GOAL 3 is “to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”. For this goal to be achieved, we should use interdisciplinary strategies and the help of other sectors for promoting health such as eHealth. Information technology promises new avenues for delivering continuity of care, cost-effective interventions, increased access to care particularly for vulnerable communities, population health surveillance, and performance monitoring. In this theme, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges of eHealth implementation by organizations and national health systems.

Non-Communicable Diseases
and Mental Health

Non-communicable diseases and their significant effect on disease burden, is one of the most important health challenges in the new world and this part is going to address the impact non-communicable diseases make on healthcare systems and populations, risk factors of NCDs and beneficial interventions to reduce these risks.

Planetary Health

This part targets environmental challenges in the 21st century and their effects on health of populations and consequences for healthcare systems. These challenges include, but are not limited to air pollution, safe water, and climate change.

Medical Education

The medical education topics which are going to be focused upon in the regional meeting and also the student pre-event are as follows:

  • Networking in medical education
  • Service – academy partnership in medical education and reviewing other models
  • Medical ethics and professionalism
  • The role of medical education in training responsible health care providers for sustainable development goals

Activity Fair

All participants are provided with the opportunity to present their theme-specific activities and achievements during their academic years. This way, students will have the chance of presenting their projects, finding new ideas, meeting people with common concerns and interests, and sharing their experiences.

Eventually, they are going to have a competition in a friendly atmosphere. Participants can present their achievements in the following fields:

  • Education
  • Capacity building
  • Advocacy and policy making
  • Campaigning
  • Startups
  • Starting an organization
  • Inventions
  • Research
  • Arts
  • Operative work
  • Fundraising
  • Publication

Note that all achievements are supposed to be relevant to the six themes described earlier.

Students can introduce their projects in the event application and top projects will have the opportunity of a video presentation. Every regional meeting attendee will have all projects’ information in their mobile phone, with the opportunity to discuss corporational ideas and gain further information about their favorite projects during the event. Additionally, they can contact people with shared interests before and after the event. All activities will be rated by participants and the jury -separately- in the event application. The top 10 activities rated by the jury will have the chance to be presented at both the pre-event and the main event lunch breaks.

M8-Alliance Student Network Closed Meeting

M8-Alliance Student Network is a seed ready to be planted and grown to become a fertile tree. This seed needs to be planted in the right place and cultivated carefully to grow strong. The first step in this way is preparing a concise but powerful constitution and bylaws to show the commitment of the students to this network and pave the way for posterity.

The “Closed Meeting” of the M8-Alliance Student Network will be the place to argue about the mission and vision of this network among the experienced students and finally propose the main structure of it to be presented in the plenary session of WHS. Participants of this meeting will be senior students of M8-Alliance universities and maybe some other honorary student or non-student guests who have the expertise and relevant experience in writing the constitution and bylaws. The meeting is by-invitation-only but we sure welcome all insights or ideas that other students may have and can help us for writing the Constitution and Bylaws. Please feel free to share with us what you think we might include in the constitution by sending an email to support@whsstutums.com.

The outcomes of the closed meeting will be shared with all attended students shortly after the meeting.

Social Program

There is going to be a social program at the end of the student pre-event day, which includes a two-hour tour to a local tourist attraction. Further details will be announced later.


The Event will be held in the Kish International Convention Center.

Kish International Conference Center consists of a number of multi-functional halls and facilities with 13,000 square meters of built -up space. The complex possesses all the peripheral facilities and equipment and offers a world-class venue ideal for conferences and a variety of other events and functions. Among unique features of the Center are its convenient location in the beautiful and tranquil coastal environment of the Kish Island, Wide range of amenities, recreational, tourism and accommodation facilities and the ability to draw on the special privileges offered by the Free Trade Zone.


We are planning parallel workshops to address the main topics which are going to be discussed in panels and plenaries during the regional meeting. According to the six themes explained above, five 4-hour educational workshops have been designed to cover the basics and terminology of these domains and prepare students for the next two days of professional discussion. As sustainable health development has only one panel in the regional meeting, we are not going to prepare a separate educational session for this topic in the pre-event, but this topic will be addressed in all five sessions. All workshops are planned and run by renowned professors and experienced students. They comprise teamwork, discussions and keynote speeches.

WHS Student Pre-Event

The Student Pre-Event of 7th WHS Regional Meeting is the first student-oriented event in the history of WHS regional meetings. This pre-event aims to establish the primitive network between students both among member universities and other students in the field of public-health-related sciences.


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