Attendees' Support

Each foreign participant will have a member of the Organizing Committee as their “Contact Person”.

The contact persons will get in touch with you a few days before you arrive and will stay in touch with you during the event. They are the links between us -the OC- and you. 

You can tell any issues that arise during those three days to your contact person, 24/3 and they will share it with us.

Contact Persons

Facilitation and Coaching Program

We are not going to let students feel alone in The 7th World Health Summit Regional Meeting.

Facilitators are there to help students experience the best journey possible and to help students have a pleasant experience in every workshop and program. They will help students make stronger and deeper connections while learning from one another. Besides, a joyful time together is what students will surely have.

Facilitators attending this event are all motivated, and they are all interested in public health fields as well as in making connections and negotiations. All our facilitators are selected, interviewed and trained especially for this event.

There are going to be approximately thirty facilitators, each accompanying a group of students through different programs. Facilitators help students have a good discussion in each workshop in the six themes -as referred to earlier- where all views can be voiced in a friendly and respectful environment.

Facilitators will also help students make contact with professors and people in charge, make connections with one another and extend their network if they wish to pursue their research or education further.

Furthermore, each facilitator is supervised by a “coordinator”, with the aim of ensuring that the best experience is being created. Coordinators are field-specific, each one highly competent in one of the main fields of the event. All coordinators are also supervised by the person in charge and are responsible for facilitation and coaching program.

Support Stations

Three support stations will be set up during the event to help you with anything that might come up from the moment you arrive in the Kish airport, till the end of WHS Regional Meeting 2019 in Kish Island.

Look for blue “S.O.S” banners with our logo at the airport, the hotel of your residence and the venue to find our support stations.

Members of our organizing committee will always be present in the stations to answer your questions and address any concern or problem that you might face during your stay in Kish Island.

WHS Student Pre-Event

The Student Pre-Event of 7th WHS Regional Meeting is the first student-oriented event in the history of WHS regional meetings. This pre-event aims to establish the primitive network between students both among member universities and other students in the field of public-health-related sciences.


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