Kish Island

Say Hello to Iran’s Sunshine Coast!

One of Iran’s hottest vacation spots of all time -both in terms of weather and popularity- also known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf, Kish is an island of 92 square kilometres located in the Persian Gulf to the south of Iran. Standing at a distance of 18 kilometres from mainland Iran, Kish is a strip of land spanning for 15 kilometres from east to west.

The annual climate in Kish has an average of 27 degrees Celsius. The weather gets quite hot in the summer, but starting from October, the island has a very pleasant humid weather for about 8 months.

Kish is a Free Trade Zone, so it is basically tax-free which makes the standard of living higher than many other big cities in Iran. Due to this, it is perfect for shopping, since it’s much cheaper. Given it’s also a free area, citizens of all the countries in the world do not require a visa to get to this place. You can get a 14-day visa upon entry (Please note that you might need a visa in order to visit other cities of Iran).

What to do in Kish


As mentioned before, Kish is only 15 kms long and 8 kms wide, rising just 45 m at its highest point making it perfect for bicycle riding. The whole city is quite bike-friendly, and there are also special pathways – the “Green Roads”- in almost every famous beach there, designed specifically for bike-riding. You can rent bikes for about a dollar per hour.


Although it cannot be compared with, say, the Red Sea, Kish Island offers the best diving in Iran, with a series of healthy reefs that are well stocked with fish. You’ll find a smattering of dive centres on the island. Standards are fairly good, but check out the equipment before signing up for a dive. Also, note that local instructors don’t always speak English. Women must wear a special wetsuit (provided) that covers the head.


Kish is one of the best places in Iran for swimming. Sandy, uncrowded beaches can be found around most of the coast. Please note that due to Islamic legislation, women must use the Ladies’ Beach behind the Kish Free Trade Organization Building. Also, the official Gentlemen’s Beach and Beach Volleyball Sports Complex is near Twins Park, although there is no prohibition for men to swim in the public.

Jet Ski

You can rent Jet Skis for a price cheaper than almost any other island in the world. The Jet Ski is like the Jet Ski in any other place, it’s amazing and that adrenaline rush can’t really be replaced by any other activity.


 A little bit expensive, but even more fun than the Jet Ski, is Parasailing. The feeling of being suspended in air, with the breeze over your face, floating in the blue sky with the blue waters underneath, view watching Kish from up above is indeed a very exciting experience.

 Apart from its beautiful scenery, perfect beaches, and sunny weather, the island has numerous locations for sightseeing such as the old Greek Ship, the Mir Mohana and the Kish Recreational Piers, the traditional cisterns, native villages, Kish Dolphin Park Complex, the island’s Bird Garden, and numerous parks and shopping malls. 

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