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The World Health Summit (WHS) is the annual conference of the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers, Universities and National Academies. In addition to annual meetings, WHS holds a yearly regional meeting which is hosted by one of its member universities. The 7th regional meeting of WHS will be held on 29th and 30th of April in Kish Island, I.R. Iran. For the first time in the history of WHS, the upcoming regional meeting will be preceded by a student pre-event. This pre-event is a full-day program which is going to be held on April 28th. It will be followed by the main regional event -April 29th and 30th.

What We Aim to Achieve through Our Event


  • To train attending students in introductory workshops designed aligned with the scientific themes of the pre-event; so that every student who wants to follow a specific theme in the main event, finds the opportunity to receive some initial training about that theme during the pre-event. In addition, a coaching program has been planned for scientific support of students and each student will have access to a trained coach during the whole event.
  • To give students an opportunity to present their achievements to all attendees of the regional meeting. An activity fair is planned for the student pre-event and top activities will receive the opportunity to present their achievements during the main event as well.
  • To develop the idea of the “M8-Alliance Student Network” and work together for writing the primary draft of its constitution.  

Message from the Presidents


Dear friends and colleagues,

The 21st century is the era of a rapidly changing world. In these challenging times, the advancement in health development goals and creating a growth platform for countries are tightly dependent on more efficient policy-making, better advocating and training more competent specialists and leaders. Undoubtedly, these goals are not attainable in long term without fostering skilled students who are essential in working for a more productive and healthier world. Training and nurturing such students who could be the future health leaders in our world, is an important issue that should be properly addressed.


Along with making students competent, it is pivotal to emphasize on their critical role in perpetuating sustainability of health improvement. As an important stakeholder in the health system, they can play an influential role in advancing defined health system goals.


The M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers, Universities and National Academies have the primary goal of developing science-based solutions to global health challenges. The World Health Summit is the strong international platform of the M8 Alliance to reach sustainable health development and leaving no one behind. This Forum  has therefore a great capacity for training students as future leaders in global health.


Forming a network among health-science students from different parts of the world will not only foster a strong connection among an important part of the health society, but also create an environment of growth and development for students.


​​At the 7th WHS Regional Meeting on Kish Island in Iran, April 29-30, 2019, we are making very special efforts to include students actively in the program.  Students have always been present in World Health Summits, but this WHS Regional Meeting is giving students a special opportunity to play a more systematic role in the M8-Alliance network. We hope that this WHS Regional Meeting becomes a memorable milestone in the path of promoting student engagement with global health.


Prof. Detlev Ganten                                                      Prof. Ali Jafarian

Founding President WHS                                             International President WHS



Message from the Organizing Committee


What am I studying for? How will these studies help me to improve the human health? And what can I do to flourish my potentials and prove myself? Every medical science student has probably thought about questions like these. It doesn’t matter if we are studying medicine, pharmacy, global health or medical education; as long as we are somehow related to the health sector, we have endless dreams for this sector and wish ourselves to be a part of these dreams.

The idea of starting the “M8-Alliance Student Network” and to run the first “Student Pre-Event” in World Health Summit (WHS) Regional Meetings, was first developed as an ambitious dream of some medical science students in Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS). We knew that since not so long ago, the WHS itself has started to pave the way for health promotion by bringing enthusiastic hearts and competent minds together and forming a valuable scientific community. So, we dreamed: why not invite students and officially let them be an important part of this precious network? Fortunately, due to kind pieces of advice we received from officials in the M8 Alliance and TUMS, We soon found out that our dream can and should become a reality.

And now, we are seeking your kind support to help us build this reality. As the representative of the organizing committee for the “Student Pre-Event of the 7th WHS Regional Meeting”, I am honored to invite all medical science students, either undergraduate or postgraduate, to join us in the beautiful Kish Island. A team of 50 students have been working hard from several months ago, to run the first WHS student pre-event and make it a memorable beginning for the story of M8-Alliance Student Network. As this story belongs to all of us, all of us should have a role in writing its scenario. So, we are looking forward eagerly to meeting you during the 7th WHS regional meeting in Iran.


Dr. Pouria Rouzrokh

World Health Summit 7th Regional Meeting

Head of the Student Organizing Committee

WHS Student Pre-Event

The Student Pre-Event of 7th WHS Regional Meeting is the first student-oriented event in the history of WHS regional meetings. This pre-event aims to establish the primitive network between students both among member universities and other students in the field of public-health-related sciences.


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